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The Order was very rich, every trip of the Knights of the Knights to the pagan lands to preach the good news was rich in precious loot, land, estates and slaves. So still the knights, as well as the local population, had to deal with pirate attacks.


The Order, although it conquered the island by force, cared for the local people and gave them shelter. This forced the creation of stronger and stronger fortifications. The rarity of Antimachia Castle is the fact that each side has an independent defensive wall, created in accordance with the terrain.


In 1493, there was a strong earthquake that destroyed many buildings, also on the neighboring islands. However, the local fort, set on the rocks, suffered little. Maybe that's why, seeing the potential of the place, the order quickly began to rebuild.


The castle was renovated and enlarged. During the reconstruction, the focus was on the walls between the towers, a semicircular bastion was also added, which is very unique and is used by tourists visiting the monument today. It was supposed to be a barbican to fend off any potential invader.


The historically recorded moment was the siege of the Ottoman Turks, who in 1457, with 16,000 soldiers, tried to break into the fort defended by only 15 knights and 200 local heroes. The siege lasted 20 days. Then the castle was defended. Unfortunately, in 1522, despite the constant strengthening of the walls, the fortress and the entire island of Kos were conquered by the Turks.


Finally, in 1840, the entire settlement, and thus the inhabitants, moved to the city of Antimachia and nearby Kardamena. Today, the fortress is open to visitors completely free of charge. Only a Greek dressed in a traditional ewzona outfit, referring to the 400-year-old Turkish captivity, collects donations for the photo. He is also willing to discuss Antimachia Castle and more.

Antimachia Castle in Kos

Famous in Kos, Antimachia Castle is located on a wide plateau, near the airport, and therefore in the central part of the island. A place created directly for the fort, as it offers a view of the far ends of the land.


Initially, a statistically small fortress was built in the 14th century by the Knights of the Order of St. John, who had their headquarters in nearby Rhodes. They had their command center over the island of Kos in the capital, Nerantzia Castle. Fort Antimachia was a kind of prison for condemned knights who abused their positions or in any way disobeyed the rules of the order.


The Hospitaller Order has built two other castles on the island of Kos; in Pyli and Kefalos.

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