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Athens with a teenager

My family is a difficult case:

As a shooter with a head in the clouds, I always want everything to revolve around me. I would like to subordinate all my needs and interests. And although as a student I didn't like history, I love to visit and explore new places - the older the monuments are, the more interesting they are to me.


My husband was born under the sign of cancer. Family is his priority. But it is also a huge individuality. He is still learning and despite the fact that he is close to 50 years old, he likes to explore interesting places. A few years ago, on vacation, he began to study the Greek language. Now he has obtained B2 certification, which means that he speaks quite well. What's more (I don't know how to do it), he has navigation in his head. He gets everywhere, he finds everything that often annoys me.


My daughter is 17 years old. She has a head full of dreams and expectations. He knows how to fulfill them. He expects a lot from life, but he is also able to give a lot. Has a designated purpose; already as a 10-year-old she knew who she wanted to be in the future, she has not changed her mind to this day.

I skip my son, because at the age of 24 he found happiness at the side of an equally cool young (I hope, future daughter-in-law) woman.


All; As a mother, I dream of spending a nice vacation.

How to do it? - A real challenge.

My husband and I love the heat - my daughter doesn't. My daughter and I like to talk about everything - my husband doesn't. My husband and daughter like good food - I don't necessarily. How to reconcile it?


In my opinion - love. This word will never be overrated.


Friends have found a way - they travel in several families who have children of a similar age. This is a very good solution, young people spend a nice time in parallel with their parents. However, it turned out that this does not always work; in the case of my / my family, when we value not only good fun, but also getting to know and visiting, we had to find a different solution.


That is why I learned to ask - in the literal sense of the word.

It turned out that my 17-year-old daughter had specific expectations; He wants the hotel to be in the city center, a city big enough to walk, relax and taste the language. Should I be afraid? Maybe, but I'm her mother and nobody knows her as well as I do. When we were in Rhodes last summer, the bartender loved my Maja. Why? Because she is polite, she knows the language and treats everyone with respect.


It was with great pleasure that he watched her apologize to other clients to serve her. Because she could also find a safe boat during a school trip. Because when I was walking down the street, the Greeks met her and told me about their family. Why? Delighted with my daughter, they wanted to show that they also have wonderful children.

In total; I am proud of her. I love when he tells me about his joys and problems. And ... I think so; if I love my child, regardless of age, the time spent together will always be nice.

03 June 2020