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Crete has beaches that cannot be missed


Probably each of us has come to the seaside more than once and complained about the weather. Frost or wet, not to mention the fact that dipping even a foot gave me chills. Even the beautiful, fine sand of our beaches was not able to compensate for the imperfections of the Polish aura.


Greek beaches are mostly rocky, which makes it very difficult to sunbathe on a towel. However, the water is always very clean and warm. You don't have to worry about the weather here. Four beaches are unique; Balos, Elafonissi, Matala and Vai. Each of them is different and differently wonderful.

Elafonissi Beach in Crete

Why is it great? The beach is famous for its wonderful pink sand. The color is given by tiny sea creatures and very fragmented shells.


There is also a legend related to the beach. Well, on Easter Saturday 1824, the Turkish army murdered 800 women and children here. There were hectoliters of blood on the beach that left the color that is so impressive today.


There are two ways to get to the beach:

Optional trip. This option also includes a visit to the Chrysoskalitissa Monastery. The disadvantage is that the time for tanning is only about 2 ÷ 3 hours.


A rental car. This option is so interesting that you don't need to rush. It is even worth coming either very early, before the crowds of tourists, or in the afternoon, when it is much calmer here.

Balos Beach in Crete

Balos Beach is the showcase of Crete. Willingly photographed, it is on postcards and in all guidebooks. No wonder, it delights everyone. The confirmation is the enormity of tourists who, despite the difficulties with getting there, come here in large numbers every day.

There are two ways to get to the beach:


first way:

A rental car. This is a very good option for people who like independence. However, you have to take into account that the road leading to the beach is gravel, not the best quality, although relatively flat and easy. The car must be left on a large hill, there is a parking lot. Going down to the beach, you can admire the charms of this place. And in my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of coming here by car. The view is beyond discretion. Unfortunately, after a day of sunbathing, when you come back, you have to climb the mountain, which is a big obstacle in the summer heat, especially for families with children.


second way

By ship. A day full of total slack. It is enough to get to the port of Kissamos in the morning by your own vehicle or by bus to change to the ferry. Before that, you can buy a ticket online or on the spot. Huge ferries and smaller ships depart from the port literally every few minutes. Full-day trip; sunbathing and visiting Gramvousa. I recommend choosing a smaller ship that goes first to Balos and then to the island. This is a much more interesting option as the ferries visit the destinations in reverse order - smaller ships pass through the ferry that carries huge numbers of tourists. It is then difficult to find your own space.




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