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Embros Thermal Baths


The name is not accidental. There are large deposits of sulfur which, when released, heats the water to a very high temperature. Swimming among the bubbles of stinky and thick water is not pleasant. And yet, there are a lot of people here every day, even arriving after 10:00 It's hard to find a place to sit.


All this because thermal baths have a very beneficial effect on our health. The beach is not pretty; black, dirty, rocky sand. There was probably an idea to perform healing treatments and massages here, but the deteriorating buildings prove that it was not a good investment.


I do not advise you to come in the afternoon hours because the high temperature of air and water can be a pain for the body. Although I was not delighted with the place, it is worth coming, provided that you do not have to travel many kilometers.


You can leave your car in the parking lot upstairs, but then you have to walk a long way. You can go down by car much lower, almost to the thermal baths, but it is quite steep and sandy.

Beaches in Kardamena and the capital of the island of Kos


The two largest towns on the island. The capital, i.e. the city of Kos, is most often chosen by people who want to visit. It is here that the largest part of the archaeological excavations is concentrated. In large cities, hotels have little space for swimming pools, as they are located in small areas. The further away from the city center, the more developed the recreational part of the hotels. The beaches here are not as charming as those mentioned above. Though just outside Kos Town, north of the port, they are wide and sandy. In Kardamena, however, they are narrow.

Mastichari, Marmari, Tigaki


All three places are made for tourists. So here you will find beautiful hotels with amenities for families with children, plus all the infrastructure related to ensuring a great holiday. So it's full of shops, bars, playgrounds, bike rentals and water sports equipment.


The beach itself connects all three towns, although a green lake cuts it at Tigaki. The beach here is very wide, with fine sand, perfect for playing with children. The sun loungers are of various configurations, depending on how much we want to protect against the sun.


The water, on the other hand, is shallow quite far away. All together, it is the northern shore of Kos Island that is most often chosen by families with children.

Agios Stefanos Beach in Kos


Incredibly long, because it stretches for almost 3 kilometers, wide and sandy, although with small pebbles, what more could you want? It turns out that you can. Everyone can find something for themselves here. An antiquity enthusiast and seeker can lay down on a deckchair and admire the ruins of a basilica, or actually two. They both date back to the 5th and 6th centuries AD, and were destroyed by an earthquake. Nevertheless, they are in quite good condition, as the outlines of the building can be seen.


While walking between the restored columns, you can see partial outcrops of floor mosaics. All this is literally in sight and in sight, you can even walk in a bathing suit. Opposite the beach is a tiny island called Palaiokastro, with a lovely little church. You can swim to it or rent a pedalo.


For families with children, bicycles with a slide are an attraction. The shrine is on a small hill, from time to time you can hear a bell when one of the sunbathers moves it. There are shops and rentals of windsurfing equipment and motorboats. Every now and then a large cruise ship arrives as the beach is one of the most famous on the island.

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