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can be found in the tiles below


Watercity in Crete


this place is full of holidaymakers who like to spend time actively from the very morning. Recommended not only for children, as there is also a zone for those who are looking for more experiences. There are many attractions here, because, for example, a gigantic and very steep slide with a height of 23 m, on which you can reach a speed of 120 km / h.


ticket prices to the watercity in Crete:

normal                         27,-  € 

reduced                       18,50 €  

children                        free


Watercity opening hours in Crete 

every day             10:00 ÷ 18:00



own car                35.31118, 25.25052

ticket prices to the Dinosaur Park in Crete:

adult 10, - €

child 4 ÷ 12 years old 8, - €

child under 4 years old free of charge

disabled persons free of charge


opening hours of the Dinosaur Park in Crete:

the whole year 10:00 ÷ 18:00


drive own car: 35.326888, 25.287934

Aquaworld in Crete


Mini zoo, interesting especially for the youngest. There are iguanas, geckos, chameleons, anacondas, turtles ... You can touch, stroke and feed everything.


Aquaworld ticket prices:

normal     8,- €

reduced   4,- €


opening hours Aquaworld

every day     10:00 ÷ 17:15



own car       35.31725, 25.38924

Balos Beach and Gramvousa Island


Balos Beach is often presented as the flagship of Crete. No wonder, it captivates everyone. Fine, white sand, turquoise, extremely clear water and beautiful scenery impress everyone. You can come here by car. The advantage of this solution is complete freedom and the possibility to spend time here as long as you like. The vast majority of tourists, however, choose another option, arriving by boat. There is a port in Kissamou, from which ships depart from the very early morning. The journey itself is very enjoyable. The views are amazing, the beautiful water and various rock formations are pleasing to everyone's eye. Ships that spread slides and rope ladders along the way are very popular. During the stop, you can jump and slide at will. One of the sightseeing points is the island of Gramvousa. Although it has an interesting history, few people enjoy sightseeing. The high altitude that you have to climb to see the ruins of buildings is discouraging. During this time, many families stay on the beach, go to the wreckage of a pirate ship, or simply stay on board.

Already during my first trip I caught the sightseeing bug. So we drove the rented car to see and meet. My children, however, were not necessarily as much interested in archaeological excavations. And the guide that I was constantly reading and the lack of time to talk to them effectively discouraged all my fellow campers. The next year, when I was planning another trip and another sightseeing, I saw a total lack of enthusiasm on the part of my family that emanated from me. What's more, from various sides, from friends, I have heard that their children do not want to ride with them, that they are simply bored. Someone sent their child to a summer camp, just to go on holiday with her husband. And not because the spouses wanted to go on a late, though weekly honeymoon, but because a ten or teenage child did not want to go with their parents.

Therefore, if I can advise you - Dear Parents - do your best to make your child remember the time of departure as the most wonderful. So that, in addition to visiting boring monuments, there is time for them and only them. For example, something for something. Below I have listed a few interesting proposals for the youngest that I found, and which may be useful.

Attractions for children in Crete:

Dinosaur Park in Crete

There are several dozen species of dinosaurs here. Animated and located in a natural environment, they are a real attraction for the youngest. The following are very popular here: 

  • a museum of dinosaurs with collections of bones and fossils,

  • a hospital where you can observe the hatching of a young dinosaur and care for a newborn or a sick, wounded creature,

  • a three-dimensional cinema will raise the adrenaline not only of the youngest visitors of the Dinosaur Park,

  • restaurant with dino,

  • playground,

  • dino shop