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Kefalos in Kos

The city is situated on a large hill, hence the road is quite winding and steep in places. For those coming from the south side of the island, I recommend stopping by a small, white church, which is also accessed by white stairs. Everything with blue inserts adds to the typical Greek charm. This place is often photographed, you can also meet it on postcards.


At the entrance to the city, there is a small car park with a beautiful, terraced view of the surroundings. In case of lack of space, as many tour buses come here, you can go a little further to stop at the ruins of the castle, or even further - at the imposing windmill.


The town of Kefalos is famous for its narrow Greek streets. Numerous taverns invite you to stop for a little something. A short walk separates you from the ruins of a castle about which little is known. Only that it is one of the defensive forts built during the reign of the Knights of the Hospitaller Order, i.e. the Knights of St. John.


The last point is a beautiful windmill that encourages visitors from afar. You can enter it for a small fee. There is also a lovely tavern and a mini museum of folk art. While it may not sound appealing, the place is cute and nice for visitors, especially with the little ones.

Mastichari, Tigaki, Marmari

Although these are definitely smaller towns than Kardamena, they are created mainly for tourists. It means that everything we need on vacation is here. Numerous shops, taverns, bars, playgrounds, car, bike and scooter rentals, playgrounds for children and night clubs for ... a little older. These towns are connected by a wide beach with beautiful, fine sand, three kilometers long. You can lie down on a deckchair with an umbrella or more protection against the sun, the so-called a kiosk, i.e. deckchairs with chairs and hanging canvases around.

Sunset at Zia, Kos

Every evening, huge parking lots are literally bursting at the seams. Many coaches come here with optional trips, but also individual cars. All because there is a huge observation deck, from which the view of the sunset is unmatched.


A small town, behind which there are only mountains, is located in such a way that although there is a long distance to the sea, you can see the water, a large part of the land and the west from here. The settlement itself is made for tourists. The shops and taverns are beautifully decorated with greenery to captivate every tourist.


The famous snacks here, as well as the main courses, are unique. Because although they are not the cheapest, both in taste and portion size, it is difficult to find a comparison anywhere else in Kos.


However, it is worth considering the purchase of a souvenir in one of the numerous stalls here, as the prices are about 1/3 higher than those in stores, eg AB. And although there are no monuments here, at best a nice view, and the trip from a travel agency is not cheap, it is worth coming here.


The time spent here will remain in your memories for a long time, precisely because of the aesthetic experience. You do not necessarily have to come in the evening, the day spent here will also be successful, and certainly less crowded.

współrzędne do nawigacji:


parkingi w Kos:

36.89004, 27.28553

36.88977, 27.28755

36.89806, 27.28769


parking w Zia

36.84706, 27.20406


parkingi w Kardamena

36.78374, 27.14267

36.78274, 27.14232

36.78112, 27.1433

36.77882, 27.1397


parking w Mastichari

36.84732, 27.07451


parking w Marmari

36.8802, 27.14663


parking w Tigaki

36.88494, 27.15877


parkingi w Kefalos

36.74365, 26.9607

36.74687, 26.96066

Kardamena in Kos

Kardamena is the second largest city on the island of Kos. This is a very good choice for a hotel. There are a lot of atmospheric taverns, bars, clubs and shops where you can buy beautiful souvenirs. The beaches here are wide, sandy and in fact right in the center of the resort. The city is good for families with children as well as for those who care about a fun night life. The promenade itself is always lined with green palm trees. The view of the sea, high mountains in the distance and narrow Greek streets along which you can eat something or buy a souvenir home will make your holiday surely enjoyable. It is in Kardamena that the largest scoops of ice cream, the local Special chain, are said to be.

the capital of the island of Kos


For me, completely subjectively, it's an amazing city. There are so many monuments here that for a 7-night stay there is barely enough time to walk around the city and sightseeing plus rest on the beach or by the hotel swimming pool.


The amazing thing is that the city is called the city of cyclists. Literally every 200 meters there is a two-wheel rental for a decent price, considering that the currency is the euro. You can, depending on your needs, for a whole week, several days or even a few hours, rent a single or double bicycle, also with a trailer for a small child.


The arrangement of hotels is usually the same as in the case of the city of Kos, that the closer to the center, the less spacious the hotels are, i.e. for couples without young children who care about sightseeing and possible nightlife.


On the other hand, 2 - 3 kilometers outside the city center you can find a spacious hotel, with swimming pools for children, slides and a playground. Young parents have a lot of energy to ride a bike, if necessary, to visit the amazing monuments of Kos town or take a walk along the promenade or around the city.

Especially before leaving, i.e. when planning the destination for your vacation, it is worth considering not only whether the hotel and its infrastructure are suitable, but also the city in which the accommodation is located. In the case of Kos, it is very important, although virtually every destination has its own meaning.


For example, the capital of the island, the city of Kos, is rich in monuments. Moreover, many archaeological sites are open to visitors completely free of charge, although only at certain times of the day. What's still very cool here is the ability to get around by bike, but more on that below.


The city of Kardamena, a large resort town or Tagiki, Marmari, Mastichari are places created for tourists who do not care so much about sightseeing, e.g. for families with children. Beautiful and wide beaches, with fine sand that is hard to find anywhere else, and crystal clear water, i.e. turquoise ... what more could you want. There is where to spend time during the day and late at night.


Anytime you want to see something more, you can go on an optional trip or rent a car and ... explore.