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Corinth map

Visiting Corinth:


opening hours:

winter               8:30 ÷ 15:30

summer            8:00 ÷ 20:00


ticket price:

8,- normal / 4,- reduced

includes ancient Corinth, Acrocorinth and the Archaeological Museum of Corinth


coordinates for navigation:


parking in front of the excavations of ancient Corinth:

37.905950, 22.878096


parking lot in front of the entrance to Acrocorynt:

37.889672, 22.868200

Interesting facts related to Corinth


Anyone interested in archeology must sooner or later reach Corinth.


Akrokorynt is an interesting place. Although you won't meet Heter, called the daughters of Corinth, here the story about them is amazing. They were educated and rich women who were also lovers. No one could use their services because they valued their time very much. Their fame reached far, that's why politicians, chiefs or philosophers came to the city; of course, provided they could afford the services of the priestesses of the Temple of Aphrodite. The Haters were beautiful, rich and ... they had unwritten, but enormous power. Men often shared the greatest state secrets during pleasure. Women could, however, use it.


The Corinth Canal is a known place. You can admire it from above, standing on one of the six bridges or swim on a cruise ship or your own. It took 2,500 years to mine it in solid rock. It was tried to be hollowed out already in the 6th century BC. They knew that it would significantly facilitate navigation and increase the safety of navigation at sea. Unfortunately, in those days the technique was not perfect enough. Construction has been undertaken many times. Successive invaders also repeated attempts to build during the occupation. It wasn't until the end of the 19th century that an extremely wealthy Greek politician and industrialist completed construction work. It turned out a bit late - today's ships are too big. However, it is a very attractive tourist place.


To the ancient city of Corinth in 50 A.D. Saint Paul arrived for the first time. The apostle traveled a lot to proclaim the Word of God, which at that time was not easy. Judgment and scourging took place here. Hostility of the townspeople did not discourage Paweł, on the contrary. He came back here. Repeated visits resulted in First and Second Corinthians. They are in the New Testament.


A known (supposedly) anecdote from the 4th century BC is associated with Corinth. Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, came here. Everyone bowed and praised him. At the same time, the philosopher Diogenes was in town. He apparently lived in a barrel. He did not bow to the leader. Intrigued, Alexander went to the philosopher with his retinue. He stood over the sunbathing man and asked what he wanted. Diogenes got up a little, leaned on his forearms and said, "Come out of my light." The man's courage apparently amused the king strongly.


The Corinthians were known for their passion for art, one of the trends of which is architecture. It was here that the Corinthian order developed - alongside Doric and Ionic.

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