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Everything comes from Greek

The magic ball located in the New Acropolis Museum in Athens presents: god Helios, lion, dragon and magic (according to some even astral or even alchemical) object. It was found at the Athenian Acropolis near the Theater of Dionysus. It is assumed that the exhibit marked with the number 2260 comes from the second or third century AD. According to archaeologists, the magic ball was used in rituals, which purpose was to help win the competition.


If you look at the ball, the figure of Apollo engraved on it centuries ago resembles the Statue of Liberty standing in New York or at least has many common or symbolically opposite features. For example: both figures have a crown and exactly the same number of rays - seven, both hold a lit torch, although in different hands: Helios on the left and Statue on the right. The statue stands, Apollo - probably - sits. The robes of both characters have equally much in common, even considering the fact that the sun god is only dressed from the waist down.


Of course you can find more similarities, but I think of something completely different. Due to the time at which both exhibits were created, the question arises:


Which character is she similar to?

or otherwise:

Which character / which thought was the first?


In my opinion, these non-accidental similarities evoke a film that probably everyone who visited Greece watched not only because of the beautiful, sunny weather and clear sea. I mean the movie "My big fat greek wedding". The father of the main character (who today celebrates 93 birthdays), charming Kostas Portokalos, constantly proves that every word comes from the Greek language. What's more, thanks to the huge determination of his daughter, he received a certificate that he himself came from Alexander the Great himself!


so what's up with the magic bullet and statue? Created independently?

Maybe the French sculptor was modeled on the figure of the Greek sun god?


Who will guess today? both statues are worth seeing.

It doesn't matter to me what came first.


And yet, thanks to the magic ball, I noticed something completely new. Museums can not only interest, but also stimulate thinking and even inspire.


The New Acropolis Museum is an extremely magical place. The history of the creation and opening of the building is extremely controversial ...

The statues exhibited there arouse admiration and jealousy for the whole world. Beautiful caryatids or mysterious statues of korai have long captivated everyone. Magic Ball No. 2206 is located on the first floor, in the wing of the museum, which tourists visit at the end of viewing this floor. You are about to enter the last floor devoted entirely to the Parthenon.


My conclusion

I haven't been to New York, I haven't seen the statue. But do I have to?

I saw the original - there is much more :)


After all, Greece is the cradle of our culture.

23 May 2020