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Hetairas that is Daughters of Corinth

A woman in ancient Greece

During the heyday of Corinth, women were deprived of their civil rights. Young girls, even at the age of 12, got married. The father or legal guardian decided about the choice of the husband. The marriage was contracted mainly for two reasons; first; for multiplying wealth, as a young girl had to bring a dowry to a new family, second; bear children. Feelings didn't matter here. Giving birth to "new" citizens was an obligation. A decent woman did not go out into the street, for example, for a walk or shopping. She did not take part in the life of the city.

She could meet friends, but only in the privacy of her home. She couldn't even buy anything herself. For this, she had slaves of her own.

Prostitutes were encountered on the street, forced by the financial situation to go out on the street or the Hetairas.




Categories of prostitution in Corinth

Among the Greek Polis, Corinth was the leader in sexual solutions. Situated at the crossroads of trade routes, famous for its wealth and beautiful architecture, it attracted newcomers from all over the world at that time. The prosperous and carefree life made the inhabitants indulge in more and more sophisticated entertainment. And since the wealth of visitors varied greatly, Corinth's offer also had to be varied.

Pornai were among the cheapest prostitutes. Slaves or women who had no legal guardian recruited for brothels were supported by the state. Solon had made arrangements to stop adultery. In order to free herself from the situation, the girl had to prove that she had a legal guardian.

Metic, or free women: widows and older Pornai, stood at a higher level of prostitution. They worked in the streets and paid for themselves. They exposed themselves in public and the inscription "follow me" was engraved on the sole of their shoes. The trail was meant to encourage men.

Hetaira stood at the top of the adultery ladder.




Hetairas, that is, Daughters of Corinth

they were independent women. Educated, they kept company of those who could afford them. Unlike street prostitutes or brothels, the Hetairas had a well-groomed and fragrant body, were beautifully dressed and groomed, but were also intelligent, clever and beautiful. They were independent and valued in society. Their role was not limited to the provision of sexual services. It is an honor to spend the night with them, because only the richest rulers, politicians and merchants could afford them. Often, as was the case in Corinth, they concentrated around the temple of Aphrodite, engaging in what is known as sacred prostitution. Prostitution was therefore a form of worshiping the goddess, and they themselves were priestesses. The sanctuaries became richer thanks to generous sums paid by the "faithful".

Unlike married Greeks, the Hetairas were allowed to participate in public life.

23 July 2020