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After my granddaughter, Ariadne, defeated, together with Theseus, a creature from the palace, Minos felt cheated cruelly. In anger he enclosed his builder Daedalus and his son Icarus in the maze. The smart designer coped with the release. He constructed wings thanks to which both he and his son could fly into the air. Unfortunately, the young Icarus, captivated by the sun and the view from above, rose too high. The sun melted the wax on which the wing feathers were stuck. He fell into the sea. In his honor, this sea is called Icarian. Daedalus, however, flew to Sicily, where King Cocalos gave him shelter.

Minos, who again felt betrayed, was looking for a constructor very hard. He knew that he was a man of vast knowledge and only he could reveal him. So he came up with a task that he announced at all courts; how to thread a thread through a spiral shell. Of course, Daedalus was the only one who solved them. He stated that it was enough to tie the thread to the ant and smear the end of the shell with honey. Insect tempted by sweetness, thread the thread through a small hole in the shell. Unfortunately, thus he found himself nervous ruler.

King Minos came to Sicily for his employee. To prevent capture, Cocalos' daughters cooked Minos, my son, in bathing water.

A small headless figure of Zeus, probably from the late Hellenistic period. It is located i.n the Archaeological Museum in the Stone City of the Order of St. John, on Rhodes


Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia, Demeter and I ... they are not all - Athena was with us also. Our sister was different from the rest of the siblings; special and unique. Although I was the king of Olympus, Athena stood out; wisdom, diplomacy and what in those days was a real art, justice also in battle. You people don't even know how much you owe to her. Though my sister annoyed me sometimes; smart and knowing everything, I must admit that she was often right ... but let her tell about it herself.

Varvakeion Athena statue in National Archaeological Museum

Every time I go to a new region of Greece, I check which god is the guardian. Crete was the first holiday destination and it really started my adventure with learning mythology. Zeus, although associated with Crete, interested me on Samos. Heraion is a memory of the love of the god Olympus and Hera. Difficult and long love. The stories described are probably known to everyone, but I enjoyed writing them down. What's more, it allowed us to see in Zeus, a god with several faces, someone who had doubts, unfulfilled dreams and fears, that is, so human feelings.

Whereas Athena is my favorite goddess. Why? Maybe because of the name, because read from behind, it gives my name, Aneta. Maybe because it is identified with the goddess of wisdom and the art of warfare, i.e. qualities that I value very much. Or maybe because ... for a reason :)

Daedalus and Icarus

a monster was hidden in the basement of the beautiful palace at Knossos in Crete

Theseus and Ariadne

Minos had six children. One of the king's sons, Androgeus, went to the Athens Games. He took part in a bull competition there. He was cruelly torn to shreds. I admit, I loved my grandson, it was sad to lost that boy. My son attacked Athens in despair. He ordered to pay tribute in the form of seven girls and seven boys who were devoured to the Minotaur, to strange creature that would eat them. The ritual had to take place every nine years. Maybe he exaggerated a little, but he was in despair.

In the third expedition of the Athenians, as one of the victims came, famous for bravery and valor, Theseus, son of Aegeus, king of the north. Sounion. He made an appointment with Ariadne, Minos' daughter, to kill the Minotaur together. In fact, thanks to the thread the end of the girl held, Theseus knew how to get back from the maze when he beat the bull. The lovers were not meant for each other. Together they left Crete, but she was promised to Dionysus. Theseus, moreover, did not love her, he only needed to complete the task. Stupid girl. Like my granddaughter, but haven't she heard that Theseus is a little womanizer? He was brave, I must admit, but he had a lot of lovers.

King Eugene waited a long time for his son. They agreed that if Theseus, when returning by ship, had his white sails raised, would mean that he emerged victorious from the battle for freedom of young Athenians. The young man was coming home so happy and excited that he forgot about the talk with his father. Seeing the abandoned sails, the king threw himself into the sea in despair. I feel sorry for Aegeus. A good man and such misfortune.

Temple on the north Sounio is open until sunset. Just in the evening a tragedy happened here, only by forgetting Theseus happily returning from the expedition.

Minos and Minotaur

In one of my sons, Minos, I saw special leadership skills. That's why I devoted the most time to him. For 9 years, in the Ida cave, I educated him in the art of management and possession. I also gave him a huge palace in Knossos. There Minos lived with his beautiful wife Pasiphae.

One of the Cretan rituals was hunting a bull. Poseidon, my brother, gave a beautiful animal to my son so that he could use it as a sacrificial gift. Minos, however, said it was too beautiful to kill. He used another animal for the ritual. My brother was very angry and made Minos' wife fall in love with the bull. Actually, I understand her a bit, I also once turned into a bull to kidnap Europe.

Daedalus, a Cretan architect, built a bronze heifer in which Pasiphae could devote herself to a bull. From this love the legendary Minotaur was born, a man with a bull's head.

Terrified, Minos, seeing a strange creature greeted by his wife, told Daedalus to build a maze on the palace grounds. There he hid a strange creature.

Minos was a good king. He died in Sicily. However, this was not the end of rule. Together with his brother Radamanthys, who had died before, he helped my brother Hades with reign.

Temple of Olympian Zeus
is the largest temple in Athens dedicated to Zeus.
Construction began in the 6th century BC,
ended during the emperor of Hadrian in the 2nd century AD

Head of Zeus found in the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It probably dates from the first half of the 2nd century AD. Currently, it is in the National Archaeological Museum

I lived in the Ida Cave for a long time. I was thinking a little bit. After all, it can't be that I, God, will live here forever. I couldn't allow it. I came up with a plan.

My father is a titan, a big god, so it could be that the little ones he swallowed were not bitten. So there is hope that my siblings have grown up and that i could just release them. I clung to this thought. My beloved mother agreed that she would help in implementing the plan.

She gave Cronus an emetic, and ... in fact, it succeeded. In convulsions he puked all five. Now you had to act quickly and ruthlessly. Together, all six, we declared war on my father. It was hard, we fought for 10 years. But we succeeded. Finally we drove out Cronus.

I saw that I have nice siblings. The fight united us very much. So we divided the kingdom:

  • Hades became the god of the world of the dead,

  • Poseidon became the god of the sea,

  • Hera became the goddess of heaven and fertility,

  • Hestia became the goddess of the home,

  • Demeter became the goddess of land and fertility.

We have appointed Mount Olympus as our seat.

I especially liked one of my sisters, Hera. First, we secretly met on the island of Samos (she was born there), and then I married her. I admit, I wasn't a faithful husband. I loved her as a sister and wife. But a honeymoon lasted 300 years. Who can stand it? Such a long time will kill every love. I did not think about separation, rather about resting from each other. After all, even mothers say about their children that if they don't see them for a while, they love them more. Why didn't Hera understand this?

Well, I admit, I cheated on her many times. I was meeting secretly with new lovers. They were both goddesses and mortals.

An important adventure for me was the relationship with the daughter of the Phoenician king, Europe. To possess her, I turned into a beautiful white bull. I abducted the princess to Matala. There I changed into an eagle to fly with my beloved to Gortys. I possessed her by force and begot three wonderful sons; Minos, Radamantys and Sarpedon. I don't know what the big deal is. The boys were wonderful and grew up into great people, wise and kings. You consider them as the founders of the Minoan era.

Come to Crete, to the beautiful Matala beach, then to Gortys, pay attention to the huge tree growing there. It was under him that I begot my son Minos, who gave birth to the Minoan era. Visit the caves: Diktaion and Ideon.

here I am


I have a father, a great Cronus, the god of agriculture, who was a titan, that means a giant god (i.e. pre-Olympic). A giant who was afraid of the words of his own father, Uranus. They argued for power. For Cronus deprived him of the kingdom. I understand my grandfather, I would also be pissed.

But to be so frightened of the father's words spoken in anger? That I and my brothers would take Cronus power and the whole kingdom?

And to swallow us? Like a piece of meat for dinner? This is cruelty!

But it was so. My poor mother, Rhea. What she had to feel when each child, the husband ordered himself to bring and each one was going to be swallowed, my poor brothers: Hades and Poseidon, my sisters: Hera, Hestia and Demeter. What did these little ones did to him? They just saw the world. I will always adore my beloved mother that she finally objected. She would not let me meet with similar fate. When the time of dissolution approached, she gave birth to me quietly in the dark, cold and wet cave of Diktaion Antron. She would not let herself scream in pain, so that her husband would not know that I was born. She gave me a beautiful name, Zeus, and gave water nymphs to educate me. Alone, with a stone wrapped in diapers, she returned to her husband. And this, of course, swallowed this rock. What an idiot! How cruel, so stupid!

The nymphs who took care of me said that the Diktaion Antron cave is too well known and that my beloved daddy could come here. So they took me to a small, uninteresting cave, Ida. There I could not even run, tight, dark and in general it was so terrible. But here, in Crete, I was born and spent all my childhood, actually my youth too. That's why I loved Crete and cared for her even when I became king of the gods.

on the Lasithi Plateau is Diktaion  antron, which is popular with tourists today. According to the records, it is considered the birthplace of Zeus.

Memories of Zeus

My siblings, my beloved children and all my distant relatives have their lands. I, Zeus, gave them to them. Athena has her beloved Athens, Aphrodite was born in Cyprus. OK, let her take this island. Helios claims rights to Rhodes. Hera, my dear wife and  also sister, who is still controlling me, let her sit on Samos. And I? I am the god of all gods. Why do I have to fight for my rights so much?
These modern people do not know what they want. They wonder if maybe Crete belongs to the Minotaur. Idiots! That's a bull, just a stupid bull! Which, in addition, sat all his life in the maze of Knossos.
So they wonder if maybe island belongs to Daedalus. But he was just an architect. Ok, well, maybe he was smart, maybe he created miracles, like the Palace of Knossos, but he is still only a man.
I am the god of gods. Crete is mine!
And you, dear man, I will convince you. Just read my memories because I wrote them for you.


24 April 2020

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