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Rock formation in Potamida

When I arrived here, I was wondering how these strange rock formations were formed. Until a few years ago, it was difficult to find any information on this subject. Today I know that there was no human interference in their creation. On the one hand, the genesis is as natural as possible, on the other hand, it is amazing. Well, the rock formation dates back to about 10 million BC, when this part of Crete was covered by the Mediterranean Sea! This is evidenced by the presence in the rocks of the remains of marine animals, including huge sharks (up to 20 m in length) that lived in these regions 7 million years BC. Mountains are made of clay, which, although it changes its properties in water, is not damaged by it.

The shape of the mountains has caused rainfall that can be very heavy in winter. They create characteristic grooves in the rocks. The water standing here makes it difficult to walk in the mountains. The clay prevents water from getting into the ground.

Potamida - Greek Cappadocia

There are strange rock formations in the inconspicuous village of Potamida, often referred to as Greek Cappadocia. This term is not accidental as their shape actually resembles rocks from the Turkish mainland. And although there are no balloons flying here, this place is attracting more and more attention. Until a few years ago it was empty here, it was difficult to find any information, be it on the Internet or in a guidebook. Today it is a place frequently visited by tourists. You can leave your car somewhere in the shade and climb the rocky slopes. The place is not guarded by anyone, so you can come here at any time. However, the road is poorly lit and it can be difficult to get there from the dark. It's also worth knowing that the fact that this place is not commercial means there is nowhere to buy anything to drink. High summer temperatures are not conducive to the long conquest of "Greek Cappadocia".