On the archaeological site in Sounio, a statue of a young man was found, so-called Kouros. It is proved that it dates from the sixth century BC. Currently, the figure is in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

The earliest reports of the dedication of the place to Poseidon date back to the 8th century BC, that is from archaic times. In the 5th century BC construction of the temple was begun, however, invasion of the Persians in 480 BC destroyed the planned project. Pericles, a politician who significantly contributed to the expansion of the Acropolis, decided to resume erection of the building. And so in 444 BC. the reconstruction of the temple dedicated to Poseidon, the Greek god of the seas, began. A few years later, in 412 BC, on the peninsula Sunion was a fortress guarding the security of Attica from the south, which is also an observation point of shipping. Here, from near afar, the approaching enemy ships approaching Athens or Piraeus were visible. The mentioned fortification survived until 399.

The temple rises on a steep rock at a height of 60 m above sea level. The building was led by a holy road ending with Propylaia, or a gate. The entrance was divided by two columns into three spaces, the widest central one was 2.2 meters wide. The temple itself was built of white marble extracted from quarries 4 km away.

The building was 31.12 m x 13.47 m, built in the Doric style. The shorter sides had 6 columns, 13 columns longer, which totaled 34 columns with a height of 6.12 m. The horizontal beams connecting the columns from the top had smooth metopes without any decoration. However, in the vestibule of the temple there was already a frieze. To this day, 14 fragments with a height of 82 cm have been preserved.

The building is very similar to Temple of Hephaistos on Agora in Athens. It is assumed that both temples were designed by the same architect.

Interesting place, or the largest monument on the peninsula Sounion


Most tourists arrive just before sunset. Because the time of opening the monument is constant, but it is closed after the last person leaves the gate. This does not mean that you can come at any time, because when the sunset begins, new visitors are not allowed in. The view from the temple of Poseidon is unusual, from the steep ascent you can see the cyclades and small islands surrounding the peninsula. Everything dressed in the setting sun and accompanying colors causes that photographers from all over the world come here for a reason. The views are simply spectacular.


He also decided to act here and on the third ship he went to Crete, as one of the seven young men, condemned to be consumed by a minotaur. In defeating the monster, Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, was very helpful to him, madly in love with the savior of the peninsula. Sounion. She came up with the idea of ​​Theseus tied to the waist the end of the thread, which she kept the whole bundle of herself. In this simple way, the hero has not lost his way in the maze. The love of two young people did not survive, the winner only dreamed of returning home, to loving parents.

In his happiness and pride in himself, he forgot about the contract with his father. King Augeus liked to stand on the edge of the hill and look for powerful rulers, guests, merchants. He was now looking out for white sails, which he was supposed to extend his son, returning victoriously. And since a lot of time has passed since the departure from the family pages, the tension grew with each passing day. When finally the king saw the sails in the moonlight, but black, in despair he threw himself into the abyss ...

Thoseus' conscience was not over. He managed to get out of every hardest oppression, he overcame the greatest monsters and beasts, and lost his beloved father through imprudence and stupidity.

Terrified King Minos ordered Deadalus to build a labyrinth under the palace, in which he hid the strange creature from light and human eyes.

And now the history of Athens begins to be woven ...

In those days, competitions with bulls were famous. And although they were bloody games in which not only animals died, also the sons of Minos came to them to Athens. During one of them, the young Androgeos, literally torn to shreds, died. The king of Crete could not come to terms with the loss of his son, and in his pain, together with numerous army, attacked Athens. He won the battle, and as a trophy he ordered that every year he would sail from Athens with a ship with seven girls and seven boys, to be eaten by a monster from a labyrinth. It is difficult to describe how big was the despair of families who wondered whether the choice would not fall on their innocent child. ... Theseus, son of Augeus, king of Athens, was a very brave young man. It would be possible to exchange his merits for humanity for a long time, although many young girls supposedly cried because him.

Where mythology ends and history begins ...


Peninsula Sounion lies on the south - eastern coast of Attica. It is here, according to Greek mythology, where the King of Athens, Aegeus, lived. Together with his wife, Meta and son Theseus, they lived in a beautiful place. To this day, everyone is impressed by the view of the Aegean Sea, especially at sunset. Cyclades are looking here in all their glory. Unfortunately, many years ago a family tragedy happened here ...

In order to fully understand it, we have  to move to an island connected with Greek mythology, Crete. It was here, on the Matala beach, that Zeus brought a lovely princess, Europe. He had three sons with her; Minos, Rhadamanthus and Sarpedon. Minos stood out from his brothers with wisdom, political diplomacy and martial arts. Together with the beautiful wife Pasiphae, he built a huge and still remarkable in architectural art, the palace in Knossos. However, it turns out, that power and money do not provide happiness. For the beautiful queen was charmed by a bull donated by Poseidon, brother of Zeus. From this relationship a strange creature was born, the Minotaur - a man with the head of a bull.

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