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was created after the death of the famous medic - Hippocrates, surrounded by forests away from the hustle and bustle of the city and all buildings. Initially, it was supposed to be a place of rest and rehabilitation after an illness. Later, a hospital and a spa, and even a school were built here. All buildings are spread over a large area. The upland landscape forced the development of the area on three terraces, connected by wide stairs.

Archaeological research shows that as early as the 3rd century BC there was a theater here. In the near distance there was a temple dedicated to Asclepius (the mythological guardian of the island) and his daughter, Hygieia. What you can see today are the remains of the theater from the 1st century AD, i.e. from the period of the Roman Empire. The first two rows of seats are still in good condition. The orchestra and proscenium were discovered. The auditorium, on the other hand, was based on a natural hill and made of white marble.

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Hellenistic theater in Kos

Stadion Panatenajski w Atenach

Before leaving, it is worth considering not only about this hotel, but also about the city in which the accommodation is located. This is very important in the case of Kos. There are many hotels in and around the capital, but usually without swimming pools with slides. However, there is a lot to visit and walk around here. There are, however, charming small towns prepared for tourists. They have beautiful beaches, wide and sandy beaches. Zia is a city that is not located on the seashore, but is visited by crowds.

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city of Kos

Stadion Panatenajski w Atenach

Mountainous areas predominate in Greece. Unfortunately, this means that most of the beaches here are rocky. And yet in Kos, in addition to extremely clear waters, there are long and sandy beaches here. Most often, far from the shore, they are not very deep, so children can play here under the supervision of adults. The beach at the foot of the archaeological excavations is very popular.

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beaches in Kos

Old Pyli (also called Paleo Pyli) is an old, long-abandoned settlement located at the foot of a Byzantine fort. The castle gained strong fortifications, i.e. massive defensive walls, when Kos was ruled by the Order of the Knights of St. John. There is not much left to see after the fortress. However, because it is located on the top of a considerable hill, it offers a beautiful view of the nearby islands; Pserimos and Kalymnos, and nearby Turkey.

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Old Pyli in Kos

Famous in Kos, Antimachia Castle is located on a wide plateau, near the airport, and therefore in the central part of the island. A place created directly for the fort, as it offers a view of the far ends of the land. The fortress was built by the Knights of the Order of St. John, who had their headquarters on Rhodes. They had their command center in the capital of Kos, here was a prison for condemned knights who abused their positions or disobeyed the rules of the order in any way.

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Antimachia Castle in Kos

Stadion Panatenajski w Atenach

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There are so many monuments in the city of Kos that an optional one-day trip is definitely not enough. The capital of the island is a typical Greek city in which you tread on monuments. There are, of course, a few flagship places that it would be a sin to avoid, and yet walking along the streets, literally every crossing are archaeological sites, no less important.

monuments of the capital of Kos

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Asclepieion in Kos